Sara Rezvi

Image Description: Abu (Father) sits on a bench with his daughters, Sara and Uzma. All are smiling. 1996.

I gave birth to grief last night

A raw and leathery thing

Scaly claws emerging

from a womb

that has never held life


Where does all this grief go?

How much more

Will continue sliding out of me?

I must count out enough rags

To wipe up all this mess


The grief undulates

a moving living creature

it is monstrous


My throat makes

A keening choking noise



are you lost?


where did you go?



artwork by Emma Hawley-Yan

What is fear?
Fear is this snake in my stomach
A roiling, writhing mess
Sinuous anticipation
A measured watching and waiting
The coiled viper waiting to strike

I am exhausted and so worn
I am waiting for the clamor of bells
A hope that the house I have built
Extends beyond these four…